Friday, March 9, 2007

What are you planning in the garden this weekend?

Weekend temps here in indiana are expected to be in the fifty's this weekend with highs in the 60's next week.So I am going to get out in the garden,and yard,and look over all my beds to see what I might do to them.

I am going to re- mulch my flower beds,and get rid of all the debris that still is in them.I think I will take a trip to the garden center as well to see if they have any cool weather flowers out yet.

What are your plans for the garden this weekend?


Carolyn gail said...

Dear Granny Gruner :

We're expecting the same weather here in Chicago so I'll probably do the exact same thing you're planning. The Garden Center by me doesn't have its cool weather annuals out yet, they usually start around the first of April.

Enjoy the warm spell.

steven wilson said...

Great to see that the weather in the windy city is warming as well.I hope you enjoy your time outdoors in the garden,and flower beds.

Carol said...

I only found some cool weather flowers at Lowes, so far, but their selection right now is rather limited. I'm going to call a few places tomorrow because I am tired of going in person and being disappointed! I want some violas and pansies!

steven wilson said...

Hi Carol
I was at the 10th street lowes on the westside yesterday they had pansies there.

Steven Wilson