Monday, March 26, 2007

Did some planting over the weekend

I did some planting over the weekend here in my hoosier gardens.
I put out some purple,orange,and pink pansies along with violas in some pots on the porch.

I got some daffodils at the garden center,and planted them as well.My forsythia bush is in full bloom,and is beautiful this year after pruning it back last fall.

I need to get in the strawberry patch next to do some weeding,and plant some new plants.

What are you doing in your garden?


Carol said...

I cut back six spirea all the way to the ground. They leafed out poorly last year and I decided to cut them all the way back to see if that rejuvenates them! If they don't sprout up again, I'll dig them out completely. They couldn't continue as is, so I figured I had nothing to lose by cutting them back.

steven wilson said...

I have never cut one back to the ground.I will be interested to see how this works for you.My spirea has done fine with just normal pruning.


Stuart said...


Now that summer has finally ebbed away and the mornings are getting decidedly cooler, I'm analysing my garden for what I could do better next year and enjoying the wins we had over the summer.

Great to hear what you've got going on in your garden. I'm glad you guys are now enjoying spring but I need to remind you that we want it back in another 5 months.

steven wilson said...

hi stuart
It is great that spring is with us here.It was a long,and cold winter here.It is odd to see that winter is near in your area.The seasons being different for us here in the internet world are something we often forget.
Have a safe winter.

saya said...

"we want it back in another 5 months."
lol I agree with Stuart. My balcony garden is experiencing a delayed Summer growth since it was cast in shadow during the hotter season and is now drenched with Autumn sunshine. My plants are very confused.

Steven, Sounds like you've got some great colours going on in your garden.