Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cleaning Out The Garden Shed

I have spent most of this day cleaning out my garden shed getting ready for the growing season.I found all kinds of little treasures I had forgot that I had.

I even found a garden hoe,and rack I did not even know was in there.

What have you been doing to prepare for the growing season?

If granny gruners garden had a grid garden system,how many garden grids,could granny gruners grid garden system have?
Say that five times fast.


Anonymous said...

Cleaning out the shed is always fun - there is always something you forgot about that you will find a way to use this season. I made the mistake this year of leaving a few things out while going through my shed, and my dog had a field day tearing up my BioBags and chewing up my birdseed scoop! I wanted to get mad at him, but it was my fault... and I couldn't stop laughing.

steven wilson said...

Hi Kristi
I did have fun cleaning out the shed finding things that I thought were once lost.
It is hard to get mad at those little friends of ours when they bring us so much joy.