Saturday, March 10, 2007

Garden Peas

It is time to plant peas here in the midwest where I live.Here are some tips on the garden pea.

Garden Peas


Peas should be planted in early spring, well before the last frost. For an extended harvest, different varieties in successive plantings. Successive plantings of the same varieties tend to catch up with each other, resulting in one big harvest.

Peas will germinate faster if soaked in water overnight before planting.

Location and Planting

Peas are one of the first crops you will plant in your vegetable garden. Plant them as early in spring as the soil can be worked. They don't mind frost.

Peas need as much sun as possible. If you plant them in the shade the plants will grow and produce a crop of peas, but the sugar content will be low and the peas will taste old and starchy.

Peas grow best in a 16-inch wide double row, with a 16 inch wide pathway between rows. They won't need staking if planted this way because the plants will hold each other up, and a dense crop will shade the soil to help eliminate weeds.


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