Friday, March 23, 2007

Things that are budding,and blooming.

Looking over the yard this afternoon I have found my cone flowers are up about one inch,my daisys are coming on slowly,the forsythia bush is bloomed out,the red maple tree is budding out nicely,and a couple of my pea plants are peeking through the soil.

It wont be long now here in Indiana to get the garden season into full throttle.
What is budding or blooming at your place?


Carol said...

I've got a lot budding and blooming right now, since it is suddenly "summer like". I need to compare dates of flowering with previous years to see if this "heat wave" forces earlier bloom times.

steven wilson said...

I think the heat wave is causing earlier bloom times myself.My forsythia is in full bloom right now which is about 2 weeks early from last year.The cold front next week will put things back to normal I think.