Monday, December 3, 2007

Caring for a Live (Balled) Christmas Tree

Here is a great article on Caring for a Live (Balled) Christmas Tree by my good friend Mike.

Live Christmas trees (balled in burlap) are great
because you can enjoy them for Christmas, then enjoy
them in your yard for 20 or 30 years or more. But you
must know how to care for them and how to plant them
in your yard.

1. Keep your live tree in the house for as short a period
of time as possible. Try to keep it in inside for no more
than three weeks.

2. Keep the root ball watered well, they dry out quickly.
But don't water it so much that it's soggy or submerged in

3. Dig a hole in your yard the size of the root ball BEFORE
you move the tree inside. That way as soon as Christmas
is over you can get the tree planted even if the ground is
frozen Do not dig the hole too deep. Once in the hole the
top of the ball should be at least 1" above ground. Then
mound soil over the root ball so the burlap is not exposed.

4. Keep enough loose soil in your garage in a wheelbarrow
to cover the root ball after planting. The ground might be
frozen after Christmas.

5. Don't store your tree in the garage after Christmas. It will
be much happier in the ground, even if it's really cold outside.

6. Do not fertilize your tree. Come spring you can fertilize
with an organic fertilizer. Do not use a high nitrogen fertilizer.

7. Enjoy your live Christmas tree for many years to come.

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Have a great week!
-Mike McGroarty

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Waliz said...

i can feel the excitement of celebrating xmas now...too bad i dont have xmas treee...

steven wilson said...

to bad you do not have a christmas tree.maybe you could make one from something else.

wildcatsthree said...

Good tips Steve. I love seeing the tomato picture on the right; it reminds me Spring will come again. I always start trolling through the seed catalogs in Jan. and Feb.; helps me get through the Winter blahs.....

steven wilson said...

Hi Chris
I enjoy thumbing through the seed catalogs as well.It helps one make it through a cold winter day.


wildcatsthree said...

Hi Steve,
You're invited aboard the linky love train. Details can be picked up at my blog


steven wilson said...

Hi Chris
I will have a look at the linky love train.Links are good!