Sunday, December 16, 2007

Composting Methods

Here at Granny's garden we are big on the use of composting for beneficial use's in our garden.
There are many benefits to using compost in the garden that range from Biological Benefits to
Chemical Benefits.

There is a wonderful article on the different ways of composting methods over at the University of Illinois Extension titled Composting for the Homeowner it explains the different methods of composting.This is a great 
read for anyone interested in the subject of composting.I recommend you give it a look.
Composting Methods


Anonymous said...

Great info. I started a compost pile and am looking forward to the benefits next Spring and Summer.

steven wilson said...

Hi Chris
Great to see that you have started your own compost pile.You will enjoy the rewards it will bring next spring,and summer.

Teresa said...

Thanks, for your information about composting. i am believer of making my own compost instead of buying this way one avoids all the chemicals.