Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Simple Garden Tips and Tricks

Simple Garden Tips and Tricks

Give wooden tool handles an oil rub.

To prolong the life of your wooden handles give them a good boiled linseed oil rub down.Not only will it prolong the life of the handle it also will make it smooth,and splinter free.
Ask for it by name at your local hardware store.

Simple garden duster.

If you use a powdered form of sevin dust or some other brand of dust make a cheap duster by placing holes in the bottom of a metal coffee can.A number 4 finish nail works fine to punch the holes.It makes a great way to dust your crops.Place a plastic lid on both ends for easy storage.

Mailbox in the garden.

Are you always misplacing those small garden tools?Put a mailbox at the entrance to your garden,and place them there.It is also a great place to store some extra seed.

There are a few simple,and easy garden tips for you to try.

Happy Gardening

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