Thursday, February 15, 2007

Planning Your Garden

When planning your garden consider the following points.

Sunlight – It seems obvious that all vegetable plants need light, don't choose your location according to appearance, choose it according to what your plants will need. The best and most efficient source of light is the sun. The sun also warms the air and the soil. Choose a site that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day. More sunlight is even better. Prune or take out trees that hinder the sunlight from hitting the garden.

Soil type – Is the soil good for gardening? You can improve the soil by adding organic matter, lime and nutrients. Select a garden site with soil that is well-drained and rich in organic matter.

Water – Water is a must for plants. It is especially important at transplanting time or when a plant is making fruit. Locate your garden near a water source.

Convenience – Plant your garden at a site that is convenient to you. A garden that takes time to get to usually doesn’t succeed. The need for weeding, watering, pest control and harvest means frequent visits to the garden.

Garden size – How large of a garden do you want? Consider the site, your family size and your appetite for gardening when you plan your garden.

Variety selection – Select varieties that are known to grow well in your area. Choose those that fit the growing season; check the days to maturity on the seed packet. Consider the varieties’ resistance to common plant diseases listed on the seed packet.



Adam said...

I make it an annual thing to add mushroom soil to my garden, which I get from a Mennonite farmer in Berks county, PA.

steven wilson said...

Hi Adam
Nice of you to stop by and visit here at granny's.I have never used the mushroom soil myself it is not available here in my area that I have seen.


Stuart said...

All good tips Steven. Like Adam I try and add some mushroom compost to my garden once a year too. It's awesome stuff that helps improve the soil and the smell is very organic as well.

Great post.

RUTH said...

All good information. nice blog.

Carol said...

Steven... I think Indiana Mulch sells mushroom compost,or at least they did at one time. They have a location on the southside and maybe one on the northside.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

steven wilson said...

Hi Carol
You are right Indiana mulch does have mushroom compost on the south side.I did some research on it after it was brought up here.

Thanks for stopping by.
Steven Wilson