Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Q&A: Plants For Beginner Gardeners

Wondering what kind of plants to plant with your kids?Here is a great article on simple plants
that one can grow with their children from titled Plants For Beginner Gardeners.

Question: What can I plant with my 5-year-old that is easy to grow and low-maintenance?

Answer: Choose things that are quick to germinate and grow or that have sensory delights for children. Radishes germinate easily, mature quickly (about 20 to 25 days), and kids seem to love to pull them out of the ground. There's an 'Easter Egg' blend with round radishes in an assortment of colors. Sweet peas are extremely fragrant and pretty. (Soak the seeds in water overnight for easier germination.) Sunflowers and hollyhocks are magical. You might want to use some transplants also.

Try bedding plants such as lamb's ears (which are soft and wooly), pansies, and Johnny jump-ups (their little faces are fun). Chocolate mint is an easy-to-grow herb. In fact, all mints are so easy to grow and invasive that they are best planted in containers submerged in the garden (unless you want them to take over). Marigolds and cherry tomatoes are other good choices.


waliz said...

good tips steven...:D

steven wilson said...

Hi Waliz
Nothing makes me feel better than working in the garden with kids teaching them how to plant vegetables,and helping them to become educated in its value.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
Good article. I learned to appreciate gardening when I was very young - my mom and grandma where heavily into it, and I always enjoyed puttering in the dirt with them. I've planted the Easter Egg variety of radishes and I love them.

Anonymous said...

Hello Steven,
Previously you joined the Linky Love Train, which was quite successful.
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Have a great day and hope you will join in :)


GoOrganic said...

Great to see you encouraging little people into the garden. It's so hard to get them away from the screens (TV, PC, Games etc) these days, but once they're out there they love it. One other tip is to get them to plant things they love to eat, like snow peas, so that they follow through with the whole process.