Friday, April 13, 2007

Vegetable Gardening Basics

Vegetable Gardening Basics
Creating Your Own Vegetable Garden

There are few things that are as satisfying to a home gardener, than to wander out to the vegetable garden, harvest and consume the fruits of their labor. Successful vegetable gardening involves far more than just popping a few seeds into the ground and waiting for a tomato to appear. Planting is only the third step of the three 'P's. Planning your garden, Preparing the soil, and then... Planting your vegetables!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there I was looking at this auction and I was wondering if anyone has Bearded Iris and are they happy with them this variety looks good but some input would be great thanks here is the link


steven wilson said...

The beared iris is a beautiful plant.I am sure you would be happy with it.